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BSG S4 Predictions (I am not ready)

Today, I will start watching the last season of Battlestar Galactica, but before I do, I’m posting some predictions for it, so that I can laugh cry about them later. I have no clue what is going to happen. 

  1. Gaius Baltar will shave and cut his hair because it’s just getting ridiculous. This is not a prediction, but a wish.
  2. I will fall off sofas because of Gaius Baltar, Caprica Six, Head!Six and Head!Gaius and their relationship(s). A lot.
  3. At some point, Gaius and Caprica are going to realise that they both have each other as Head People.   
  4. Felix Gaeta will be tragically cute, or just a tragedy.
  5. Laura, Athena and Caprica will work together to figure out that dream (what is Gaius doing in that dream is my question).
  6. So I’ve been over this and over this, but I think that, in addition to the last of the Final Five, there’s one regular model we haven’t seen yet? Right? I think that will be important (unless I can’t count or haven’t been paying attention). EDIT: Apparently I can’t count, though that still leaves the question why Model Eight is Eight and not Seven.
  7. Gaius will be the leader of a weird cult! I think that’s pretty obvious, but I also think he’ll return to Galactica eventually, because it’s where stuff happens and also where Caprica is.
  8. We’ll get more of Gaius’ history (sorta hoping for a return of the Aerilon accent because damn) because yeah, Gaius Baltar the farm boy is one of my favourite things. 
  9. If I remember correctly, the Final Five hearing All Along the Watchtower and Kara’s dad playing Metamorphosis One (is Kara’s dad Philip Glass?) are the only examples of real world music being used in the show. There’s a connection there, obviously. Maybe Kara’s dad is also a cylon who is also Philip Glass.
  10. They’ll find Earth, but Kara and Laura will die (and many others too). Caprica and Gaius won’t though. Please?

I think my priorities when it comes to this show are questionable at best. I like almost everyone on the show, but yeah. And now I’ll go and actually watch it.


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